Well, we had our first big shot of snow in North Dakota, and there is a possibility that any more fluffy white stuff will be few and far between.

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Let's be honest, winter is the worst, and there are not enough parades, terrible Claymation, or the emergence of Mariah Carey from whatever cryogenic cage scientists keep her in to make it palatable (and in some cases, those make it even worse).

Shoveling snow and then waking up with back pain is the worst. Having to silently sit through dinners where casual racism gets passed around the table like it's stuffing is also the worst. White knuckling on both city streets and roads when there are four inches of frozen snow on the road is again, the worst.

However, Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are currently having a fight, and there are even rumors that she is seeing someone else on the side: El Niño

According to the National Weather Service Bismarck, El Niño conditions are ongoing, with a greater than 95% chance of lasting through the Northern Hemisphere winter.

Confidence is increasing (65% chance) in this becoming a strong El Niño event. This event has a 20% chance of becoming historically strong.

Some long-range forecasts show the possibility of temperatures dipping to below freezing, with a likelihood of snow accumulating shortly before Christmas.  However, meteorologists warn that forecasts that go more than two weeks out are highly unreliable

There is only one thing that make's the season tolerable, and that's puppies seeing and playing in their first snow, that's it.

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