According to data from AAA Auto, North Dakota has seen its gas prices fall over the last week, but we may see a sharp spike as the Labor Day weekend approaches.

Williams County comes in with an average price of $3.79, down 13 cents from last week, making prices seven cents above the state average of $3.72 and three cents below the national average of $3.82.

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The most expensive county to fill up in is Grant at $4.03 and the least expensive is Barnes at $3.54 per gallon.

Today’s national average of $3.82 is 23 cents more than a month ago but five cents less than a year ago.

Despite rising gasoline consumption, the national average price of a gallon of gas has decreased by four cents since last week.

Pump prices have decreased as a result of the price of oil dropping several dollars per barrel and remaining stable at or below $80.

Gas demand and erratic oil prices, particularly during a busy hurricane season, may limit how much lower prices can go in the weeks ahead as Labour Day draws closer.

The Energy Information Administration just released new data showing that gasoline demand increased last week, rising from 8.85 to 8.91 million barrels per day.

The total domestic petrol stock, which was previously 216.2 million barrels, is now 217.6 million barrels.

Despite rising demand, prices were driven down by rising stock levels.

Here is a look at how gas prices statewide have changed over the last year.


Current Avg.$3.728$4.035$4.329$4.228
Yesterday Avg.$3.722$4.007$4.343$4.215
Week Ago Avg.$3.754$4.062$4.377$4.194
Month Ago Avg.$3.625$3.914$4.246$3.915
Year Ago Avg.$3.773$4.094$4.500$4.893
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