If you're looking for a quick pay day, you may want to grab a hammer and head over to your piggybank to see if you can cash in with what you thought was chump change.


We have all seen coin collectors rummage through loose change in hopes of finding something rare, or collectable.

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A lot of people think pennies have outlived their usefulness with the lowest coin denomination being worth 1 cent but cost almost 3 cents to make. Doing away with them all together would save time and money.

However, some pennies are worth more than just their face value, way more in fact. There is a chance one of the coins rattling around your washing machine or hidden in your couch could fetch a pretty penny in return, to the tune of $300,000.

Way back in 1943, while the United States was entrenched overseas in World War II,  copper was essential for the US Military to make ammunition.

 Due to a copper shortage, the U.S. Mint produced pennies using zinc-coated steel instead of the traditional copper composition. These steel pennies were only produced for one year, and the unique material composition made them distinct from all other pennies in U.S. history. govmint.com

However, not every penny stamped in 1943 pennies fetches such an eyebrow raising price, and there have even been some fakes. This TikTok describes what to look for if your looking to strike gold.

Pennies have even gone for significantly more, fetching as much as much as $590,000
You may have thought that coin collection your grandfather left you was just a family collectable, but it may end up being a chance to really cash in. 

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