As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, North Dakota gears up for a celebration like no other. While the state might not be as bustling as the streets of Dublin, its spirit is just as lively. However, this year, there's an added touch of green—not just in the shamrocks and leprechaun hats, but in the form of a safety initiative: ND Sober Ride.

North Dakota, known for its strong community values, is stepping up its game to ensure that St. Paddy’s revelers can enjoy the festivities responsibly. Enter ND Sober Ride, a beacon of hope for those who want to paint the town green without compromising on safety.

ND Vision Zero

This visionary program, part of the broader Vision Zero strategy, aims to eliminate impaired driving from North Dakota's roads. And what better time to kick off this initiative than during the St. Patrick's Day celebrations? From March 15th to 17th, or until codes last, partygoers can avail themselves of discounted Lyft rides using the code "VZPATS24.". With $10 off their ride, there's no excuse not to make a responsible choice.

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But wait, there's more! These Lyft codes, generously sponsored by AAA – The Auto Club Group, aren't just a one-time deal. They're part of an ongoing effort to make safe driving a priority in the Peace Garden State. Companies looking to join the cause can even sponsor the ND Sober Ride and contribute to saving lives on North Dakota roads.

So, as you don your green attire and prepare for a day of Irish merriment, remember to plan your ride home in advance. Whether it's a designated driver or a discounted Lyft ride, let's make sure that every journey ends safely.

After all, in a state where the prairies stretch far and wide, it's our sense of community that brings us together – especially when it comes to keeping our roads safe for all. So, here's to celebrating St. Patrick's Day the North Dakota way: with a splash of green, a dash of responsibility, and a whole lot of fun! Cheers!

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