Many proud parents in North Dakota enjoy showcasing their children's achievements with customized bumper stickers on their cars. However, these stickers can inadvertently provide criminals with valuable information, such as where your children go to school or how many people are in your family.

Law enforcement officials across the state agree that criminals can use these to their advantage. Officials acknowledge that we can be proud of our families, but sometimes we share a little too much information.

Law Enforcement Warns Residents About the Dangers of Personalized Bumper Stickers

Law enforcement continues to highlight the risks associated with certain bumper stickers, like the popular "stick figure family" decals that depict family members, including pets, in cartoon form and size order. Around town, many vehicles sport these stickers, some even listing family members' names—a practice police advise against.

Unseen Risks: How Personalized Bumper Stickers Could Make Your Family a Target for Criminals

While these decals may seem like nothing, they might indicate how many kids you have or the job of a family member, such as military service. Criminals could see this and deduce that the person is not home, potentially following the car to find out where they live and exploit this vulnerability. I never thought about that, and I bet you didn't either.

Beware: Other Decals Could Expose Personal Information to Criminals

Here is something else to think about. Parking passes and IDs can reveal where you work, and sports decals can indicate what activities your children are involved in or even where they go to school, providing criminals with more information than they should have.

Safety First: Why Generic Bumper Stickers Are Smarter for North Dakota Families

If you choose to have a sticker or 2, just keep them generic. Do not include your children's names, because it can attract the attention of child predators. They could use the name to trick the child into thinking they know them and their parents, potentially leading to abduction.

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Remember, this is just something to be aware of. Don't go and remove all your decals immediately, but consider what information you're sharing. Remember, criminals are always looking for opportunities, and they use the clues we provide.

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