Walmart has had a lot of attention in recent weeks announcing changes to their coupon policies. They are still in the spotlight, as black Friday inches closer. We have a Walmart located in Williston, and if you're anything like me, mastering the art of shopper roulette becomes a necessity. The burning question is: when is the optimal day to embark on a Walmart expedition in Williston? This advice might prove helpful as major shopping is just around the corner!

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Williston Walmart

According to experts, the answer hinges on your objectives. Are you aiming for a shopping experience with fewer fellow patrons or hoping to snag the cream of the crop from Walmart's offerings?

Shopping connoisseur Trae Bodge, as revealed to Eating Well, advises that the prime times for Walmart excursions, especially for those with tight schedules or an aversion to crowded aisles, are early or late on weekends.

"I tend to steer clear of weekends," Bodge shared with the website. "However, if that's my only available shopping window, I opt for either the morning or evening slots or resort to online ordering with in-store pickup to sidestep the crowds."

For those with the luxury of time during weekdays, Eating Well suggests venturing into Walmart during the early hours of weekday mornings when foot traffic within the store is at a minimum. The website also proposes streamlining your shopping endeavors into a single day for optimal selection.

Walmart Finds' Krista Hooper chimes in, divulging to Eating Well that Tuesdays stand out as the day with the most bountiful selection. This is attributed to stores being fully restocked and replenished after the hustle and bustle of the weekend.

But what about the worst day to brave the Walmart crowds? unequivocally advises steering clear of Saturdays and Sundays at Walmart, citing the store's overly busy, long lines, the risk of encountering empty shelves, and a subpar selection of fresh produce.

So, now you know what the trends are nationally. When is the best day to shop at our local Walmart? Please leave your answers in the comments on our social media pages. Happy shopping!

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