I just read about this over the weekend. Parents have enough to deal with, and now this?  In recent times, a concerning trend has emerged in the world of vaping, as some teachers report discovering vape pens that bear an uncanny resemblance to highlighters.


The product in question is indeed real, manufactured by a company known as High Light Vape. The company claims to specialize in crafting innovative and discreet vaping solutions tailored for individuals on the go.

High Light Vape takes pride in its flagship product – a disposable vape cleverly designed to mimic the appearance of a common highlighter. This disguise raises some concerns about the potential misuse of such devices, especially in environments where vaping is strictly prohibited, such as schools or businesses.

Discreet vaping solutions are not new, as manufacturers continuously seek ways to create products that can be easily concealed. However, the choice to replicate a highlighter, a staple item in educational settings, has sparked debates about the ethical implications of such designs.

Educators and parents alike worry about the ease with which these disguised vape pens can be mistaken for harmless school supplies. This raises questions about the effectiveness of current measures in place to prevent vaping among students and underscores the need for heightened awareness.

TSM Media Center
TSM Media Center

As the vaping industry evolves, it becomes crucial for regulatory bodies to address such products and consider implementing stricter guidelines on their design and marketing. The goal should be to strike a balance between innovation and public safety, ensuring that products like these do not increase underage vaping or violate the rules in educational institutions. Only through awareness and proactive measures can we address this emerging issue and safeguard the well-being of our youth.

It should be noted that no cases have been reported locally, but here is a warning to at least be aware that it could happen.

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