Picture this: you're driving down the road, and suddenly a vehicle behind you comes into view with flashing blue or blue/white lights. You might wonder, "What does this mean? Is it an emergency?" In North Dakota, those flashing lights are important, as they indicate that a volunteer firefighter is rushing to respond to a 911 call in their vehicle. Understanding the purpose of these lights can make a vital difference in supporting our community volunteers and ensuring prompt emergency responses.

Blue Dash Light

Blue/White Lights' Role

A car with flashing blue or blue/white lights is not an emergency vehicle. Volunteer firefighters in North Dakota only use these lights without red flashing lights. These brave people are going to their firehouse or the emergency scene to help.

Right-of-way request

Volunteer firefighters depend on road users to reach their locations safely and quickly. Treat passenger cars with flashing blue or blue/white lights like emergency vehicles. Giving them the right of way saves time in critical situations.

Safety First

Safety is more important than the right of way. Pull over and halt only when safe. Allowing volunteer fire personnel to travel unencumbered helps them navigate traffic and arrive quickly.

Igniting Awareness

Drivers don't understand these flashing blue or blue/white lights. Thus, certain vehicles may not receive the attention needed to respond to crises. We can improve emergency responses and community safety by raising awareness of these lights.

Assist Them

Volunteer firefighters protect us. They selflessly risk their life to help others. Understanding and cooperating with them strengthens our community and makes everyone safer.

You never know when one of these volunteer firemen will react to a call for a friend, family member, or yourself. We can all help them reach an emergency quickly and safely by facilitating their journey. Finally, North Dakota automobiles with flashing blue or blue/white lights are serious. Our volunteer firefighters react to 911 calls and give essential help during crises. Let's assist all these community volunteers by giving them the right of way when safe and educating people about these flashing lights. We can save lives together.

To all the volunteers that use the blue lights to keep us safe, thanks for all you do!

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