The Sidney Area Chamber of Commerce and Sidney Health Center are exploring a new event geared towards promoting the Wellness Industry of the MonDak. They’re defining “wellness” fairly broadly, using a wellness wheel with components of Physical, Mental, Financial, Spiritual, Intellectual, Social and Environment as inspiration for this event.

They landed on the name of “the Wellness Collective” and a date of Thursday, June 1, 2023 from 3pm – 7pm at the Richland County Event Center. The Chamber is trying to get this piloted in 2023 with the expectation of making this an annual event in January going forward.

Vendor businesses will be set up in a traditional health fair set up with the opportunity to market their products and services to the public. Businesses and providers are also invited to consider being a TED Talk speaker. TED Talks will occur in conjunction with the vendor show in 10-15 minute segments.

The Wellness Collective will close with a reception and Keynote speaker. The Keynote speaker is Danny Wyrwas, Elevate Leadership.

The purpose of this event is to shine a light on the growing wellness businesses and resources in Eastern Montana. Explore the facets of your health.

 Afternoon Seminars:
3:15pm Sunrise Women's Center Services - Stacy McNally, Sunrise Women's Clinic
3:35pm Advanced Aesthetics Services - Dr. Sherri Twig, Sidney Health Center
4:00pm "Growing Health" - Tanya Candee, Awakened Wellness
4:25pm Don't Fall Into the Trap of "Being too Busy for Your Health" - Corey Willis, Knockout Lifestyle
4:50pm QPR Overview - Josie Evenson, MSU Richland Co. Extension
5:15pm Chatter Pediatric Therapy Services - Katie Kringen, Chatter Pediatric Therapy
5:40pm My Patient's Final Wish - Martha Nugent. Thy Neighbor & Martha's Place
6:00pm Health Goals that Work with You - Danielle Diede, Danielle Rae Fitness
6:30pm Keynote Speaker: Danny Wyrwas, Make Yourself a Priority

A keynote speaker and reception will round off the Wellness Collective featuring Danny Wyrwas.

Danny was tiny growing up, always one of the smallest in his classes. He was 4’10” and weighed less than 89lbs as a freshman in HS. He had a love for all sports and a relentless amount of energy. He was fearless which earned him a place on the 5thand 6thgrade football team as a 4thgrader. However, as the years past his peers out grew him and sports that required size passed him by. Wrestling would become his only sport in HS. College scholarships came and he was able to wrestle in college. Ranked 7thin the nation NAIA and a junior, he stepped away from college. The next 10 years he struggled to find himself.

Still struggling with personal issues he found himself in Sidney coaching wrestling and working construction. Danny has run Absolute Fence for over two decades. He isn’t shy and feels every business owner and leader goes through the same problems so he started to share his success with others. Many liked what he shared and encouraged him to start something: Elevate leadership and Business Consulting was born.

Danny is unconventional in is leadership and business style in the fact that he asks God to lead; having Faith that God is faithful. He believes that business is the lifeblood to any community

The registration, sponsorship, and TED Talk sign-ups are linked here: Sidney Herald | The Wellness Collective (

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