A couple of months ago, we were all talking about the shows we loved from the past, and what we are watching now. I am not lying when I say I got totally lost in the conversation when Yellowstone came up. Most of the crew in the station was aware of the show. I was not. The looks I got from the crew I work with daily were looks of absolute disbelief! They all asked, "you have not watched Yellowstone?" I have not! With all the new things that work has brought, and just going through the daily motions of life, I have not glued myself to the TV to watch this highly popular show. Now, I have been binge-watching to try and catch up, and see exactly what the big deal is.


Season 1

The patriarch of this ranching family and owner of the largest ranch in Montana, and the United States, John Dutton, strives to protect his land and his family in the show's premiere from forces that bully his way of life: land developers, an Indian reservation, and America's first National Park. The first episode was over 90 minutes! I understand that things needed to be established, but 90 minutes? I needed to continue watching just to see where things would end up.

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Season 2

There is another danger to the property that comes up for John Dutton. In addition to Thomas Rainwater and Dan Jenkins, the Beck brothers have proved to be a force for all. As the tycoon brothers with significant political connections continue their aggressive threat, Dutton finds out that two of his worst foes have turned into allies. In addition, Bethany is extending the Dutton property, Kayce is back, and Jamie has left politics to work on the ranch. This is the season Beth smashes up the store. This is where I started to really get into the whole thing. This is the season where Beth shows up to help Monica while she was being searched. I just love how she says "While I am here, I may as well shop." She smashes the case, grabs some jewelry, shrugs, and throws it saying "nah." OMG, you can't do that! This made me love Beth even more!

Season 3

Although the battle with the Becks is finally over and there is a slight truce with the Broken Rock Reservation, John Dutton and Yellowstone Ranch must deal with a fresh challenge that could prove to be difficult to defeat. The Fortune 500 corporation, Market Equities, which has some political connections, is using every method available to take the Dutton property. On top of that, another rancher with a lot of hate against the Dutton family is hostile toward his ranch. Can John protect his ranch against another foe after successfully doing so against a previous one? If not, will he be the last Dutton to own the ranch? I get the ranch is huge, but so is Montana...take all your money, start another ranch, and leave the Duttons alone! They own half of Montana. There is another half to go take over, right?

Season 4

The Duttons want retribution from whoever is to blame while they heal from the attacks on their lives. Jamie's relationship with his father, who offers his own style of advice, is growing. Rainwater keeps up the struggle for his freedom and authority, and Market Equities does too when the CEO of that company shows up to reignite the conflict with the Confederated Tribes and the ranching clan. This season was pretty brutal, and at times, hard to watch. When Garrett knew what Jaime's plan was (to kill him) I knew I had to keep watching.

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Season 5

John Dutton is now the governor of Montana. He's not just a landowner and rancher. He is the governor now. Beth thinks this could be good..maybe even beneficial because they can now defeat their opponents easier. But, with his new duties, comes a bigger target on his back. Dutton might be able to pass broad legislation to prevent developers from using his land, he has also put himself in a more vulnerable position...given his shady past, and some of the secrets he carries. That's just through the first 7 episodes.

Here is what I have figured out so far from watching Yellowstone up to this point. Keep your word, family first, and do not mess with Beth! I am hooked now. I have also learned that new episodes do not start until the summer of 2023! That could be 4 months away or more. Every indication out there on social media says to be prepared for a bloody finish. Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, even says so. The best advice I can give now is to binge-watch your favorite episodes, and get your spurs ready for another wild ride!

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