Super Bowl 57 is in the books. It was a great day for football. Chris Stapelton's version of the Star Spangled Banner sent waves throughout the nation. The Chiefs and Eagles put on an outstanding show. Rihanna did her thing. Everything was really good. Everyone is still talking about all the TV commercials.

A 30-second TV commercial in the Super Bowl averaged $7 million dollars. It seemed the tone for most of the ads was meant to be humorous. You might not have seen them all. These are my top ones from last night.

T Mobile

These three clearly had a good time making this commercial. It would have been fun to be on the set while they were making it.


This was just funny. The fact that Jeff Ross didn't swear is amazing! What's sad is this one was rated one of the worst spots in the game.


Put Bryan Cranston in anything, and you know it will be good. Since he was reunited with Aaron Paul, breaking into something good was even better.

Doritos Triangle

Another funny one...and it had Elton John in it.


I am not into the streaming thing yet for TV...but I might be after seeing this. This was just a simple TV ad with no celebrities.


With all the fun and games, you have to have a few serious commercials too. The tears might get started with this one. Here is the extended cut of this commercial. It was so good, you needed to see the whole thing.

The ones listed above are the ones I liked the most. Let me know what your favorites were. Drop me an email at

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