There's nothing better than lake life.

People build castles on them, spend summer weekends on them, and buy expensive boats to fish and play on them.

I'm the first member of my family to own a lake place, and it's something that I had always wanted growing up as a boy.

My family used to rent a cabin every summer at Big Wolf Lake near Bemidji, Minnesota.  I have many fond memories of that lake from learning to waterski, to fishing for Bluegills and Crappies from the dock, to beach time, and bonfires.

Being the very impressionable boy that I was, I knew someday I wanted this life for more than a week each summer, and I made it my goal to be a cabin owner someday.

It's something that seemed out of reach in my early adult years, but I wanted to make sure my son had lake memories, and we were finally able to make it happen shortly after he was born.

The website Cheapism just came out with an article concerning "The Best Lake in Each State".

They really didn't give any explanation for how they "crowned" the best lake for each state but it would be tough to argue with their choice for North Dakota.  Before we get to their choice for the Peace Garden State, let's run down Cheapism's choice for our neighboring states.

The Best Lake in Minnesota: Lake Calhoun, which is located in the Minneapolis metro area.

The Best Lake in South Dakota: Sylvan Lake, which is located in the Custer State Park in western South Dakota.

The Best Lake in Montana: Flathead Lake, which is located in the shadows of Glacier National Park.

And that brings us to the great state of North Dakota.

Devils Lake Tourism
Devils Lake Tourism

The Best Lake in North Dakota: Devils Lake, which is located near the city of Devils Lake.  It's known as the Perch Capital of North Dakota.  It is also a tremendous Walleye and Northern Pike fishery.

Growing up in Grand Forks, Devils Lake was a favorite of mine for both fishing and hunting.  It's the largest natural lake in North Dakota.

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