When you're on those long road trips, you start looking at funny-shaped clouds and try to make out pictures. You peer into other people's cars and see what others are doing. You tend to think about things that only pop into your head while dying of boredom.

Have you ever driven around North Dakota and wondered which color of car is the most popular? I have, and here's what I found.

Least Popular

The least popular color car in the country is Yellow, according to a study done by ISeeCars.com. If I had guessed, I would've said Purple, but nope. Yellow is not the fan favorite.

Most Popular

According to Kelley Blue Book, the most popular car color in the country is Silver.

North Dakota

According to the source, North Dakota ranks at number 9 for states with the most colorful cars. That said, the most popular color car in North Dakota is pretty predictable.

North Dakotans love their White cars; white is the most popular color car in the state.


Car Color Urban Legends

We've all heard that certain color cars might get you more speeding tickets or raise your insurance rates; I looked it up and found quite a bit of truth to it.


Car Colors Most Likely To Get You A Speeding Ticket

The car color that gets the most speeding tickets is White. This is mainly true because they make up the biggest percentage of cars on the road.

If you're wondering about the Red car myth, where people say if you drive a Red car, you're more likely to get pulled over, there is truth to that. According to HotCars.com, in 2022, Red ranked at number 2 for most likely colors to get ticketed.

All of this said, if you don't want a speeding ticket, you could...now hear me out.... Not speed.

Car Colors Most Likely For Accidents & Crashes

Black was found to be the color with the most accidents, according to CityWide Law Group. The source says this has a lot to do with visibility, and that you are 47% more likely to get in a crash if you drive a black vehicle. It also stated that Grey and Silver cars come in at a close second.

Least Likely Car Color For Crashes

White was found to be the color with the least amount of crashes. AutoList.com says if you're all about safety, you should opt for a brightly colored car.

Fun Fact: According to copilotsearch.com, Green cars get lower resale values.


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