When and where can you sleep in your car? That is the question.

It's one of those things you don't think about. The reality for some people in our state, is that they don't have a home or place to live.

When you have no place to go, what do you do? Or rather, what can you do?

Don't Get Me Wrong

Look, I know homelessness isn't the only situation where you may want to snooze in your car. Sometimes you might want to sneak in a nap on your lunch break (under your desk is also prime real-estate for this), and other times, it's because you're traveling and you need to take a break.

Why Would It Be Illegal?

If you're wondering why sleeping in a car you paid for would and/or could possibly be illegal, that's fair. According to SmartFinancial.com, it comes down to trespassing. You certainly are allowed to sleep in your car, but it's about parking on someone else's property.

Generally, there is no Federal or state law that specifically says you can't sleep in your car, though there are some cities in the country that have made it a "Loitering" crime, according to the source.

Rest Areas

According to BoonDockersBible.com some states' rest areas have rules on this. You may notice signs posted, indicating you are not permitted to "Lodge overnight" at the stop. State Highway Patrol officers are said to monitor this.

North Dakota

According to the source, that is not the case for North Dakota. It is actually said, that rest areas are the best places to sleep in your car if you need to. Other areas where you may get away with it include: state parks and campgrounds. That's not to say a trooper won't tap on your window and give you a bit of a nudge.

According to SmartFinancial.com, Fargo Walmarts allow you to park in their parking lots overnight and even park your RV there with permission.

THIS Is Illegal

The one thing you REALLY can't do and could get into trouble for, is sleeping in your car while intoxicated. That is illegal in North Dakota and may very well get you a DUI.

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