Dakota Country's Whisker Wednesday features an adoptable feline who's an ideal companion.

Meet Joe, our highlighted pet this week from the Animal Rescue and Retirement Ranch (ARRR) in Williston. He's a charming cuddler, boasting a laid-back demeanor and a natural chill vibe. Joe is neutered, well-trained with the litterbox, and fully vaccinated.

Having spent two years at ARRR, Joe thrives in human company but feels a bit anxious due to the bustling cat community in the rescue setting. Generally, he gets along well with dogs, kids, and most other cats.

His main interests include lounging, snacking, and seeking affection. He enjoys cuddling, excelling at it, albeit on his own terms. With his soft grey fur, handsome face, and affectionate gaze, Joe is certain to capture your heart.

If you have the room in your home and in your heart, consider adopting Joe. He's been patiently waiting for his forever family. Reach out to ARRR via email at arrr5292@gmail.com.

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ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch serves as a sizable animal sanctuary and cat rescue, catering to Williston, North Dakota, and nearby regions. ARRR operates as a 501-(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Joe ARRR's Cat of the Week

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