Baseball season is in full swing, and for North Dakota residents, there's a certain snack that's hitting it out of the park. According to a new study by the folks at TicketSource, their team dove into Google Trends search data from the past year to uncover the most popular ballpark foods in every state. The results are in, and they might just surprise you.

Hamburgers Beat Hot Dogs for Top Ballpark Snack

When it comes to the choice between hot dogs and hamburgers, North Dakota is Team Hamburger. In fact, hamburgers beat hot dogs in 40 states. Yes, you heard that right.  But that's not where the surprises end.

Different states have their own unique favorites. In Alabama, chicken fingers reign supreme, perfect for dipping and sharing with friends. Over in Montana & South Dakota, it's all about burgers. Meanwhile, Minnesota fans are munching on popcorn, enjoying a warm, salty treat while cheering for the Twins and the Saints.

And then there's Wyoming, where nachos add a delightful twist to the traditional eats. Each state brings its own flavor to the ballpark, creating a diverse culinary landscape across the country.

Which Ballpark Food Does North Dakota Love Most?

Back to North Dakota. Despite the strong preference for hamburgers over hot dogs, there's one snack that truly stands out as the overall top choice at ballparks in the state. It’s not a burger, hot dog, or anything you might expect. The real star of the show is sunflower seeds.

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Yes, sunflower seeds! This healthy and crunchy option has become a fan favorite, perfect for enjoying during a sunny game day. So, next time you’re at a North Dakota ballpark, skip the usual fare and grab a bag of sunflower seeds. You'll be joining the home crowd in savoring this tasty, unexpected treat!

Personally, my mom and I love to attend Williston Keybird home games for burgers and Virginia Collings' famous potato salad.

You can find the full study here.

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