In a previous piece, I shared some pretty absurd laws from North Dakota. But, as it turns out, our friends in Montana have their fair share of quirks too.

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Montana has its own collection of somewhat odd laws. You might call them 'antique laws' because while they're still on the books, you're not likely to get in trouble for breaking them.

Instead, they make for great conversation starters or, dare I say, party anecdotes. So, let's take a little journey into Montana's legal archives and uncover some of the more unusual rules still floating around.

Ever thought about frowning at a police officer? Well, in Helena, that's officially a no-no. Then there's the ban on hitchhiking in Whitehall within city limits - a unique take on 'thumbing a ride.' In Columbia Falls, you'll need to remember to kick off those shoes before hopping into bed; it's the law.

But wait, there's more! Over in Missoula, there's a law on the books that might raise some eyebrows. Ladies, if you're planning to rock those comfy yoga pants in public, you better have a permit. Yep, you read that right – yoga pants permits.

Let's not forget Butte, where they've got a particular aversion to throwing things from trolleys or other forms of public transportation. Honestly, it's generally a good idea not to throw stuff around, but they decided to spell it out for trolleys.

And finally, I couldn't find a shred of proof to back up the often-repeated rumor that single ladies can't go fishing on their own in the Treasure State. (If by some wild chance such a rule does exist, it's pretty darn old-fashioned, out of touch, and downright unfair. So, ladies, don't hesitate to pick up your fishing gear and cast your line – the water's fine!)

Now, these laws are like old books on a dusty shelf, charming in their own way but hardly in use. They do, however, serve as a quirky reminder of bygone times. Just remember, when in Montana, it's always a good idea to check the most current legal regulations if you're in doubt about the rules of the day.

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