'Whisker Wednesday' on Williston's Dakota Country 96.1 puts a spotlight on an irresistibly cute feline, eagerly seeking the ideal forever home.
I'd like to tell you about ARRR Rescue's Cat of the Week- Bleu.
Bleu is the classic black cat. She kind, sweet and shy. Bleu came to ARRR in 2019 with a different name; they called her Scaredy Cat. And for awhile she was. She had been bounced around to two other rescues before landing safely at the ARRR Ranch.
Her name was changed to Bleu and slowly her confidence started to build. To this day, she is still timid and minds her own business, and although when given the chance she is quite affectionate, she keeps getting overlooked due to her to her quiet nature. This girl deserves a proper home and would be a great cat for the lucky person who offered her a chance!

Bleu and all of the cats at ARRR are spayed or neutered and current on vaccinations. If you have room in your home and in your heart, please adopt an ARRR cat.
For adoptions and donations Click here.
ARRR is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, deeply grateful for any community donations and support. Committed to preventing cruelty to animals, ARRR Ranch actively promotes their adoption program.

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