Hey, drivers of North Dakota and Montana! If you're cruising around in a 2014 F-150, this news is for you. Ford has issued a recall for over 550,000 of these trucks because of a serious transmission issue. The problem? The transmissions can unexpectedly downshift to first gear, no matter your speed.

This recall includes the top-selling F-Series pickups, so it's a big deal. According to Ford, this sudden downshift can cause drivers to lose control, increasing the risk of accidents.

What's Causing the Problem? The issue stems from a lost signal between the transmission speed sensor and the powertrain control computer, which can be affected by corrosion and connector pin problems.

What Should You Do? Ford will update the powertrain control software for free. You'll get a letter in early July with details. Repairs are expected to be available in the third quarter of this year. You'll have the option for mobile service or pickup and delivery at participating dealers.

Safety First Ford reported that out of 396 warranty and field reports and 124 customer complaints, 52 incidents involved rear wheels locking up or drivers losing control. There have been two injury reports and one crash potentially linked to this issue.

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Signs to Watch For Before your truck downshifts, you might see a malfunction indicator light on the dashboard. Sometimes, the signals can restore while driving, but other times, you may need to stop and restart the engine.

If you're affected, fewer than 1% of trucks should have this problem, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Stay safe on the roads, and keep an eye out for your notification from Ford!

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