Suicide Awareness Month, which takes place in September, is an opportunity to raise awareness about a serious issue that can affect anyone. Although complicated and heartbreaking, suicide is frequently avoidable.

Not Today has been an advocacy event hosted by ConnectUs Therapy in Williston for the past 5 years. The event directed towards local adolescents, is designed to give people tools on how to respond to someone who might be thinking about harming themselves.

ConnectUs Therapy does this by giving teens a free t-shirt to wear in the community, sometimes with tips and resources and other times words of encouragement. They also speak to the youth in a form of a presenter or presentation.

This year Connect Us Therapy were able to successfully raise enough funds to bring Kevin Hines to Williston to not only speak to the High School students during the day, but to offer a public event in the evening of Wednesday, September 20th at 6:30pm at Williston High School Auditorium.

You are encouraged to attend and listen to Be Here Tomorrow, the incredible story of Kevin Hines, who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived. He is one of only thirty four to survive the fall.

Kevin dedicates his life to saving lives by spreading the message of hope and sharing his art of living mentally well. He is a mental health advocate, award winning global speaker, bestselling author and documentary filmmaker.

This important advocacy event at the Williston High School is free to the public. Parental discretion is advised for younger children.

Donate to ConnectUs Foundation to support Not Today, this year and next. Call Katie Shannon at 701-570-5539.

Join ConnectUs Therapy for a free grief support group every other Wednesday at 6:00pm. Share your story or hear from others. They meet on the bottom floor of the Cedar Terrace Professional Building in Williston at 2224 1st Ave West. Call 701-572-3335 if you have questions.

If you or someone you know needs mental health support call or text 988.  Please know that you're not alone.


Not Today

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