Hospitals, with their unfamiliar environment, the presence of medical equipment, and the uncertainty of what might happen next, can be particularly daunting for children. It's understandable that they might feel scared or anxious in such situations.

An emergency room (ER) can amplify these fears. The combination of stress, urgency, unpredictability, severity of illness or injury, separation from familiar surroundings, and fear of the unknown can make the emergency room an even scarier place for children than the rest of the hospital.

That's why gestures like the one from the CHI St. Alexius Health Hospital Auxiliary are so heartwarming and important.

Their recent donation of 300 Teddy Bears to the Emergency Department is a thoughtful way to provide comfort to young patients during their hospital visits. These bears serve as more than just toys; they become companions that offer a sense of security and familiarity in an otherwise unfamiliar setting.


First off, just having it there offers some comfort and security to kids in a stressful situation. Then, it's a great distraction. Instead of focusing on what's worrying them, they can focus on their cuddly friend.

Plus, there's the emotional support factor. Having their teddy bear to talk to or hug can make them feel less alone. Seeing other kids with teddy bears can also make them feel like they're not the only ones going through it, which can be a huge relief.

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The nurses can now offer these bears to children, helping to soothe their fears and make their time in the ER a bit less daunting.

It's gestures like this that remind us of the kindness and compassion within our communities, and we're incredibly grateful to the Hospital Auxiliary for their generosity.

CHI St. Alexius Health Hospital Auxiliary Donates Teddy Bears to Emergency Department

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