Thinking of adopting a kitten? Consider adopting two together!

If you have no other cats at home, consider adopting a pair of kittens instead of a single animal. Littermates tend to be especially compatible and will have each other to keep company and grow old with.

Adopting two kittens that are the same age is more preferable than adding another kitten or adult in the future because they will be maturing and adjusting to their new home together.


If you think you'll want two cats in the future anyway, consider committing to two now so that introducing a new kitten to an existing cat in a household is not a potential problem in the future.

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One argument I hear a lot, is that an older cat can teach a younger kitten the ropes. In reality, the older cat is much more likely to be disturbed by a new animal coming into the home.


A kitten that wants constant attention and play, while your older cat perhaps just wants a nice snooze like they're used to! Adopting kittens at the same time can help avoid these hurdles later on - if you can, why not bite the bullet day one?


1. One kitten can become lonely and bored.

2. Two kittens will help keep each other busy instead of bugging you.

3. Having two kittens is very entertaining!

4. You'll have fewer behavioral issues with two kittens.

5. You'll save TWO LIVES instead of one!

How fulfilling to not only provide a happy life for an animal but to do so for two! As long you're in a position where you can commit to kittens - why not consider adopting two? Just be sure to get them both neutered as kittens!

The reason siblings are sometimes encouraged to be adopted together is because that way owners can be fairly confident that the kittens know and trust each other from day one and can skip the (sometimes long and difficult) process of introducing cats to one another or a cat to a kitten.


So, if you're eager to adopt a kitten, my advice would be to make sure that you can commit to the full-on attention and care they need.

Your local rescues can help you decide which option is best for you and your household. They'll also know each kitten's personality and can recommend which would be compatible. Rely on them when looking for your new best friend(s)!

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