The tradition continues on February 25. It's the annual lutefisk & meatball dinner at First Lutheran Church in Williston. It's hard to believe this big event has been going on for 88 years. The one coming up next Saturday with be the 89th annual event. The dinner itself is outstanding. It's a great opportunity for members of the church to work together to pull off this fundraiser. Everything from making the famous plum sauce, peeling potatoes, rolling meatballs, rice making, lefse cutting, and cutting lutefisk. Everyone comes together to pull it off. I saved the best for last though. You read that right...cutting lutefisk.

Fist Lutheran Church - Williston ND/Facebook
Fist Lutheran Church - Williston ND/Facebook

What is Lutefisk

Lutefisk is made from aged or dried and salted cod that is cured in lye. It is gelatinous in texture after being rehydrated for days prior to eating. I know. I can see you shaking your head. Remember, everyone involved with this is proud of their history and traditions. This is a way to celebrate our Scandinavian heritage. I will not lie, I have had it, and it is an acquired taste. If you have not had it, you need to at least should try it. It's not that it tasted's a texture thing for me The meatballs and the rice pudding are my favorites. The meal is served family-style, so it's great to sit down to eat and catch up with those you have not seen in a while.

Ticket Prices

  • Adults & High School students - $20.00
  • Junior High & Grades - $10.00
  • Pre-school - Free
  • Tickets will be available at the door

It goes without saying that this meal, along with many events are put on by volunteers. Thanks to all involved with this meal, and for keeping our heritage and traditions strong!

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