It's strange how some foods and drinks seemingly come out of nowhere and all of a sudden become societal mainstays, especially in North Dakota.

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From bacon to boba, it seems like a crap shoot. With every rising star, there are several that are flashes in the pan and even more that become stale very quickly.

There are plenty of food trends that the food gurus at Delish hope will become trendy this year, although guessing what will jump into the zeitgeist is a little like reading tea leaves—art and not science.

What is really going to become popular in the culinary world this year? No one knows for sure, but don't be surprised if you see these items featured:

seed to surfSEED TO SURF

Fancy Faux Fish

No, what you are looking at is not canned tuna or crab. It's the plant-based tinned "whitefish" and "snow crab" from Seed to Surf, which are created only with enoki mushrooms and celery root.

Think of this as the cute, environmentally aware offspring of the "treat yourself" tiny luxury of canned fish and the 2023 trend of mushrooms being everywhere, especially since reports suggest that customers are becoming more and more interested in plant-based products.

torani galaxy syrup

Galaxy Quest

Although not everyone has the financial means to pursue space travel, the 2024 flavor of the year from Torani Puremade Galaxy Syrup will transport you to another galaxy without leaving Earth. According to Torani, "47% of Americans reported that they did at least one'space-related activity' in the last year, now is the perfect time for this flavor to have its moment in the spotlight."

Torani collaborated with an astronomer and logged countless hours of market research to bring a touch of space and the molecular structure of dust clouds to the creation process. Rum and raspberries are the supposed flavors.

a sha noodlesA-SHA NOODLES

Dressed Up Noodles

Increasing the quality of your homemade noodles was a theme that appeared in almost every recent food trend report, including the one from Whole Foods. Now that you can find better noodles at the grocery store, such as A-Sha's Galaxy NoodlesOmSom's saucy noodles, and Momofuku's sweet and spicy noodles, the days of merely riffing with a packet of instant ramen are over.

row 7 garleekROW.7 SEED CO.



The year 2024 will be all about a trendy new vegetable called garleek (Zoolander quotes notwithstanding), which is a hybrid of garlic and leeks made possible by ethical seed breeding. Lonsdale thinks that hybrid veggies like garleek will gain popularity since people are eager to eat them.
apothekary chill the f outAPOTHEKARY

Sleepy Drinks

Prepare to get cozy with your favorite sleep paralysis demon if sleepy time drinks take hold.  Sleepy time tea no longer has a strangle hold on the game with the likes of Apothekary's Dream Team which features their "Chill the F* Out" powdered supplement or Som's canned sleep drinks.

TikTok has recently seen a big boom in "sleepy girl mocktails," making trend forecasters note how consumers are more focused than ever on maintaining proper sleep hygiene (Just please stay away from making yourself a big cup of Lean.

mccormick culinary 2024 flavor of the year tamarindMCCORMICK


Yes, brands are hedging their own bets on what flavors will be big in 2024. As for spice maker McCormick, they're predicting one flavor to be the spice you turn to most next year: Tamarind.

Because of its unique combination of sweet and sour flavors, tamarind is a popular ingredient in Thai and Indian curries, as well as in traditional Mexican drinks like agua de tamarindo and marinades and BBQ sauces. Why not try a spice that has dual purposes?

st germain and spritzST. GERMAIN

Elderflower Everywhere

If you were out at a tendy bar or hanging around your friend's bar cart this summer, you were likely sipping or at least had a working knowledge of a St. Germain spritz. Spritz's have threatened to breakthrough in the craft cocktail world, but it may be elderflower may just be the tipping point to push them from a trend to almost unavoidable.

mister tequila tasting galleryHOLGER LEUE//GETTY IMAGES

Tequila (The Good Stuff, Though)

It's not news that the tequila section is a bit bloated lately. But what is new is how bars and spirits brands are noticing that people are getting more discerning when it comes to ordering their shots and tequila sodas.

This may be less of a breakout and more of an inevitability, as the Tequila industry has made a concerted effort over the last couple years to sophisticate itself as being known for more than just the college shot of choice and two-for-one marg Mondays.

air vodkaAIR VODKA

Carbon Negativity

In 2024, we will only tolerate carbon negativity, since many individuals will be thinking about climate change. A carbon negative, impurity-free vodka that pulls one pound of CO2 out of the air per bottle is now available, all because of companies like Air Company.

meati jerkyMEATI

More (Way More) Mushrooms

Might as well go out and dress like a plumber in a red cap, because mushrooms will be everywhere in 2024. As shoppers and chefs are moving further away from alternative meats like Impossible and Beyond, they are rediscovering the possibilities of our fungal friends. From Meati's line of mushroom-based jerky (pictured), to using Chicken of the Woods, those who are looking depart from, or are allergic to meat, will have better options than ever.

runamok sparkle syrupsRUNAMOK

Sparkly Syrups

Foods and beverages that are perfect for TikTok are just one example of how social media is altering our perceptions of the real world in 2024. Something made with edible glitter and sparkles has that "Oh my god, I have to try it now" quality, doesn't it?

One use for Sparkle Syrup is to make glittering cocktails. You can channel your inner unicorn, sparkle pony, or fairy whenever you eat it on pancakes; it's that good.

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