What would you say if I told you that North Dakota is the best-connected state in America for gigabit-speed fixed broadband?

According to new data, North Dakota and New Jersey are the best-linked states in America. Smarthomestarter.com analyzed FCC data on broadband and mobile internet speeds and availability in each state to determine which states had the most availability of gigabit speed internet and 5G speeds of at least 35 Mbps.


North Dakota is the state with the most fixed broadband access, with download rates of at least 1,000 megabits per second. According to FCC data, gigabit internet is available to 60.58% of residential locations in the state, the greatest rate in the country. According to US Census Bureau data, the average North Dakotan household's yearly phone service expenditure is $1,670.25, which is $9 less than the national average ($1,679.96), indicating that they are getting good value for money when it comes to fixed broadband speeds.

With coverage for 60.41% of residential locations, Minnesota has the second-highest availability of gigabit internet speeds. The average yearly phone cost in the state, however, is greater than in North Dakota, at $1,840.70.

Tennessee ranks third in terms of household availability to superfast internet, with 48.28% of houses having access to it. The state's average yearly cost of phone services is also very modest, at $1,544.13.

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New Jersey has the finest access to 5G speeds of at least 35 megabits per second when it comes to mobile broadband. According to FCC data, when in an outdoor stationary context, speeds are available in 58.58% of the area. However, residents of New Jersey may expect to be at the top of the list for connection, as the average annual household expenditure on phone services is the highest in the US, at $2,142.45. Meanwhile, access to gigabit-speed internet is likewise limited, with only 18.6% of residential premises having access to it.

Delaware has the second-greatest 5G cellular coverage in the US, with speeds of at least 35mbps accessible in 58.32% of regions. In comparison, it has the second-lowest availability of internet with speeds of 1,000mbps or above, with only 0.02% of the state having access to such speeds.

Connecticut ranked third in 5G coverage, with 49.15%, followed by Maryland (48.88%) and Indiana (47.02%).

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According to the data, at least 97% of residential locations in 48 of the 50 states have access to broadband speeds of at least 50mbps. Hawaii, where 90.34% of locales can reach those speeds, and Alaska, where just 77.6% can, are the two exceptions. Despite the fact that Alaska and Hawaii have the 11th and 12th highest average household expenditures on phone services, at $1,878.25 and $1,872.47, respectively. Connecticut, Utah, Rhode Island, Wyoming, and South Dakota are the only states where speeds of at least 250mbps are available to 100% of residents.

So, as you continue to read all this digital stuff we generate daily, it is just a better experience for us in North Dakota. Read on friends!

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