Sidney, MT (KEYZ) - In an update to a story we've been following: The church accepted the resignation of Hall shortly after it was discovered that he had been abusing Xanax by taking more than his prescribed dosage.

The Christian website Protestia, formerly known as Pulpit & Pen, also announced Hall's resignation on Sunday.

Protestia issued a second statement stating Hall is “disqualified from pastoral ministry.”

Hall was most recently in the news after admitting to fabricating a story where a transgender native American activist allegedly berated a state senator.

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The libel case that has raged on for more than a year and involved threats of mounting an attorney’s head on the wall of Pastor Hall’s study, a rocket launcher and a statewide speaking tour has seemingly turned a page as the conservative minister admitted that he fabricated the story and apologized to Adrian Jawort, a lobbyist who testified on many issues related to Native Americans.

In a statement, Jawort felt vindicated that Hall admitted to the libel, and that he bore false witness to the alleged event.


Jordan Hall, pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, Montana, was arrested on May 11th after a traffic stop.

According to a copy of the initial offense report, Hall was charged at 11 p.m. with driving under the influence and carrying a concealed weapon while intoxicated, after a Sidney police officer observed Hall driving in a bike lane.

Hall filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy hours before he was to appear in court for potential sanctions for allegedly making threatening comments to a transgender native lobbyist and her lawyer.


Pastor Jordan Hall, who also faces sanctions for allegedly making public threats of violence and other statements about the case, the plaintiffs, and the presiding judge, filed Monday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court just two days before a scheduled hearing.

The bankruptcy filing stated he had assets of less than $50,000 and debts of up to $500,000. The bankruptcy puts on hold any other legal actions against Hall.

The case had been moved to Great Falls by a district judge due to Hall's public comments on the proceedings, threatening the impartiality of jurors.


A Montana transgender activist suing a conservative pastor from Sidney for libel is now asking the lawsuit’s presiding judge to sanction pastor Jordan Hall, saying the pastor is making repeated public threats of violence against her and her attorneys.

Among other things, Hall has posted a picture of Graybill’s name taped next to wall-mounts of animal skulls and horns and said “he’s next,” cast himself as David vs. Goliath and said “don’t jack with the army in the living God, because they’ll kill you,” and posted a picture of himself holding a rocket-propelled grenade.




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